When eight grandchildren, three or so dogs, and nine adults come to visit… my mudroom quickly becomes chaos. When I took this photo, I honestly didn’t notice the Coors Light box in the center of the room… and maybe that says something! I hope your holidays continue to be frantic, chaotic, and messy… because life is that way… enjoy it… relish it… those little, muddy, wet boots and snow pants will be gone soon enough… and only the Coors will remain. For a bit. I take that back. Maybe only my wood stove and bench and mud will remain. Whatever. Live LIFE, my friends!


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  1. Oh yes I can identify with this – except I don’t have a mud room. Just an old large dark blue throw that’s put on the floor at the back door. It’s a good mud and wellie catcher. Thanks for the mention of Craig reading his Christmas story at your library and the Longmire posse tweet. I managed to listen to the whole story via a radio station in WY. I was one very happy person. Your last sentence – yes, very wise words indeed. Ideal to take with us into the New Year.

  2. I really miss those muddy little boots and tiny mittens. However, my teenage kids can still wreck a mudroom like nobody’s business! 🙂

  3. I am sooo happy to see this picture! All the times you share pictures, everything is always spotless and in its place. & I have always wondered just how that could be with all the little kids and mud and dogs….
    so now I see that you really are a normal household!! Love it!
    Happy New Year to you and your entire family.

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