What Do Ranchers Really Do?

You may think that every day on the ranch is … what? full of work, romantic, meaningful, fulfilling? Well, sometimes we’re just like everyone else, running to the store and going to doctor’s appointments! The boys, of course, handled that fulfilling job of checking the water in the badlands, while Vernon and I blasted to Cody for groceries and his first ever eye doctor appointment. That’s kind of hard to believe since I’ve worn glasses since high school, but, he hasn’t ever had his eyes checked!

But back to my first question… It’s been a long time since my last Q&A session… So, you faithful readers, get to ask me a question or two! There were only two times last year I held Q&A’s… horrid! I used to try to do that every month! Slacker.

Here’s your chance… got a question? Any question? Real ranch life? Antibiotic use? Sustainability? Photography? Wyoming? Country living? History?

Some of my all time popular posts have been my “Ten Things You May Not Know About…” insert subject here! Surely, you can give me an idea or two.

C’mon, I’ve been around for ten years, trying to answer that good ol’ question of “What do Ranchers Really Do?”… but that doesn’t mean you have been here for ten years… so ask away!


Sideline: Happy birthday to my Big Brother. I don’t think I’ve ever publicly done that before… but I just want him to know how extra-special he is to me… and I’m sending him a big virtual <<HUG>>, even if he isn’t fond of them in real life!


What Do Ranchers Really Do? — 5 Comments

  1. Ok…when it comes to beef and antibiotics/hormones…what are your thoughts and what would you refuse to eat. What should a consumer look for that would be true labeling and not misleading?

  2. I’m learning a lot from the Big Trails blog about ranching, but I do have a few questions!

    First, do you ever end up bottle feeding calves in the house? My mom talks about that happening when she was growing up on the farm in Iowa in the 40’s.

    How often do you make a grocery store trip, and do you buy things in bulk, since you live so rurally?
    Any tips?

    What are some of your family’s favorite ground beef recipes, aside from the obvious summer burgers on the grill? 🙂

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