A Little Cow Work

We prepped the heifers for calving season…

Daniel, Brandon, and Tessia had it all well in hand.

I was charged with making a replacement ear tag… and by the time I got back, there were only a few left to do…

I’m not too worried… the next couple of weeks will be full of cow work!


Any questions for the next Q&A? Post them in the comment section!


A Little Cow Work — 4 Comments

  1. Although I live in middle England we do have cattle on nearby hills and a very good TV show called country file. Yesterday was all about farm vets and the stress on farmers when having the cattle tested for TB. If any are found to have TB they are taken away and the farmer cannot move/sell his cattle until more tests and negative results. So my question: do you have similar tests in the US. Info for UK can be found at: tbhub.co.uk. Thanks

  2. A couple of questions for you: What is involved in “prepping” the heifers? And another term you have used — What is meant by “sustainablity”? Thanks, Carol. And wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! I enjoy your blog a so much. Thank you for your blog and for letting us share in your ranching life which is so interesting.

  3. Questions: Do you have a problem with predators killing the calves? Do you practice controlled burning on your land? Are there still cattle rustlers? Do your sons have other jobs or are they full time ranchers? Do you push your cattle to the stockyard or do you have cattle trailers haul them there? What’s your biggest problem, gov. interference, market prices, weather, disease, etc.?

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