Heifers go in.

Steers go by.

The calves were gathered from one place and trailed home to the corrals where we sorted them. This is the beginning of their separate lives… They both need to grow and gain weight, but for, obviously, different reasons.

We weighed the steers in groups, averaging their weight. This helps us track their nutrition and need for feed. I operated the scale in the remodeled scale house. I even brought down a little heater to make it more enjoyable! The little window helped tremendously with reading the numbers… before it was kind of a squint and get the right angle to read the engraved numbers. Now I can see out of the clean bigger window and gain light from the small window behind. It was fantastic!


Time for more questions… post them here… send a friend who’s never read this blog… ask that question you’ve meant to ask, but were too shy to! C’mon, folks!


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  1. What kind/brand of winter boots and sox do you guys wear when not riding on hooves or tires? I see pretty much the same style on almost everybody when working around the cattle, muck and mire… Do they keep the feet dry, warm and toasty?


  2. Hi. We farm and have beef cattle in south central lower Michigan. I saw your diary in Working Ranch and have been reading your blog since. How many cows do you calve?

  3. Non ranch-work question! Do you get the station DIY? If so, have any of you watched “Barnwood Builders”?? I am enjoying and learning things about old tools and barn construction that are very interesting!

  4. Just wondering, Do you sell cattle based on your scale weight or haul’em to an electronic scale ? Or do all your calves,steers & bred heifers, go thru the sale barn- I like that window!

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