#TBT: Sudden Tears

I’m watching old home movies lately for kicks and giggles. I started looking for a video of my mom playing jacks… but just kept on watching.

It’s awfully fun to compare my grandkids to their parents “back in the day.”

I was leafing through pics of my mom… and came across this one. I instantly burst into tears. Why this pic? I haven’t the foggiest idea. I just thought I’d share since this is my Red Dirt Diary… and Daniel just may enjoy this one!


#TBT: Sudden Tears — 7 Comments

  1. My sister has termed this an emotion bomb. You never know what will trigger, or where they will come from. We lost our dad near the time you lost your mom (9/08), and Mom 2 years ago. We will call and share these to try to understand why. We have just decided it is the heart remembering some secret. Take care.

  2. I am just back to So California after 11 days in Powell WY celebrating my Dad’s 96th birthday. I am a lucky girl to still have him in my life…tho there are loved ones I have lost way too soon. I understand that unexpected emotion. I appreciate and enjoy what you share!!

  3. Old photos can trigger such precious memories of those little moments. Lost my dad 3 years ago, and that same thing happens to me sometimes. I’m beginning to realize that we never get over the loss of someone so precious in our lives. That grief just becomes a part of who we are.

  4. I’m trying to rid my home of 31 years of un needed stuff, I’m a collector(pack rat) started going thru one of several boxes of old photos, fun to do, but also sad, lots of memories, can only do it so long, then back in the closet they go-

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