Think PAWSitive

I don’t want to jinx myself. I don’t want, in any way, to put this out there, and have some random, rotten piece of luck, mess this up.

Twice with Dally. Twice with Eden. Here’s hoping Eden’s third time is a charm.

Meet Tank.

Deep Creek’s Shark Tank, to be precise.

Eden was supposed to come in heat in December. Finally, the last week of February, the week we are calving heifers… she comes in heat. I had thought I might use a Lucas son on her… and keep a little Lucas grandson… But the timing was rotten and a winter storm blew in and… well, Steve and Angela Weber from Deep Creek English Shepherds bailed me out!

Since Eden had never had a natural tie… just the two unsuccessful AI’s with Lucas… I wanted to give the lovebirds some time… so I left her down in Shoshoni, Wyoming for a few days.

They took to each other quite quickly. A great sign. Vernon and I came home to a quiet house.

Six days later, I retrieve her. Tank has lost interest and no one witnessed a tie. It doesn’t mean they didn’t *do it*… and I first thought, don’t tell, don’t jinx it… but I’m more of a “put some good vibes out there” kinda girl. So PAWS-itive thoughts, please!

The thought of having puppies once again… just makes me giggle. It’s been sooooo long coming.

I really owe it to Steve and Angela… and Tank! By the way, they also have pups almost ready to go. Look at these sweeties!

Ranch raised, kid loved, agility and working English Shepherd pups! Give them a call at Deep Creek English Shepherds if you’re interested.


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  1. The first bunch of my most pawsitive thoughts and best vibes are on their way, wrapped in my proven anti-jinx equipment, and the next bunch will follow tomorrow, etc. etc.! Shark Tank? What a name – but what a gorgeous face! I love that Eden and Tank liked each other… good enough reason for you (and us) to giggle! 🙂

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