Leading Me Home

So when I took this picture last week… I did it because, here I was, in my baby Jeep Cherokee, cruising over snow covered dirt roads, listening not to some great songs… but Ken Follett’s Winter of the World. It’s a BIG book and I needed serious listening time!

I had retrieved Eden from Shoshoni and hopefully, her VERY ROMANTIC date with Tank… but as I left the pavement, the sun was setting. No big deal. Now, I sure wouldn’t recommend this road to anyone who hasn’t taken it before. It can be VERY CONFUSING which turns to take until you’ve been across a few times… but me and this road are good friends. I knew as long as I didn’t do something entirely stupid… I’d be fine.

When I drove over the pass and down across the wide open prairie, I stopped my car. No visible lights ANYWHERE. Nada. Not one. Nope.

Stars, yes. A zillion trillion stars. No moon.

Just me, my book, my dog, and two little headlights piercing the blackness, leading us home.

What do you think? Would you do this??? Or am I just used to Wyoming back roads?


Leading Me Home — 15 Comments

  1. I drove that road a few years back, but it was dry and daytime. The Nowood International Airport gave me a hoot, and an Osprey and vulture entertained me. LOVED it!

  2. Been a long, long time since I have been anywhere where I couldn’t see any light. Unless the electricity were to go out I’d have to go a long way to find that place. But if I knew the way, like you do, I would take the shorter route home.

  3. That’s my kind of road! But I did have an “oh crap” moment in Wyoming back in 2009, I was in Wheatland,Wy. & got snowed in at the motel, roads were closed so I couldn’t get to Laramie, but Wheatland is a nice town, I saw an ad for land for sale, so when the roads got better I headed out to find the land, out on a blacktop that changed to snow covered gravel & not a house in sight for miles, when I decided to turn around, I dropped the front end of my car, a front wheel drive Chevy, in the ditch, sideways in the road & stuck! Happy ending, I finally got out! But a great adventure!!

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