Saga of the Video of the Mystery in the Chicken Coop!

Did you ever play Clue?  The game where you had to choose Miss Scarlett or Colonel Mustard in the Library or the Conservatory (as a kid I never knew what a conservatory was… but it’s a greenhouse attached to a … Continue reading


I know who did it. I have it on film. For four hours now, I have been fighting with my GoPro to be able to share it with you. This could be the first time I actually cuss on this … Continue reading


It was a tad cool this morning, -7, so when I trudged out to the chicken coop to set up my GoPro, I also brought along a bottle of bubbles. I seem to always have some on hand these days… … Continue reading


One of those days where plans go awry… We were headed to Cody for scheduled car repairs, but a winter storm blew in, so we made it as far as Worland!  We made the loop of “fun” places to go… … Continue reading

#TBT: A Team

When I first arrived at the ranch, oh, a Loooooong Time Ago… We used a team to feed cows in the winter.  During the summer, they lived a life of leisure. But one time, someone arranged a Team Pulling Contest … Continue reading