Storm Along the Red Wall (Puzzle Included)

Our yearling steers sold this morning, so we all met here and watched the video auction and then, for lunch, ate some nice Greet Ranch beef… While we were towards the top of the prices, of course, the market is … Continue reading

Junipers and Rainbow Puzzle

The clouds lately have been spectacular… I thought it was time for another puzzle, right, Marie? Junipers frame a stormcloud and rainbow… Junipers and Rainbow … Continue reading

Pullet Portrait Puzzle

It’s been a while… here’s a puzzle for you! Pullet Portrait **** It’s time for Questions… post them now! … Continue reading

Nowood Creek Ice Puzzle

We have received NO new snow in the past week.  It’s actually been fairly nice, with temps wandering up into the low 40˚s.  The sun warms it up quite nice and the wind has been nonexistent or just a slight … Continue reading

Nowood Creek Puzzle

Here’s another puzzle… just to make up for Lucas’ fiasco!  This is one of my photos of Nowood Creek that is in my Red Dirt calendar.  It had to be cropped to fit… and it lost a lot of its … Continue reading