Pullet Portrait Puzzle

It’s been a while… here’s a puzzle for you! Pullet Portrait **** It’s time for Questions… post them now! … Continue reading

New Home

It was time to move the chicks… they’ve outgrown their little pen in the wood shed!  Since I also still have my older chickens, I moved the young ones out to the milking shed, and avoided any conflict between the … Continue reading

Check Out the Chicks

It’s hard to get chicks in focus. On the left is a 2 week old+ barred rock chick, on the right is one of my new brown leghorn chicks. What a difference a couple of weeks makes! They are twice … Continue reading

Bless Your Heart

Perhaps I didn’t explain it well enough, too many posts on Facebook versus the entire story here, but as to my post of yesterday… In NO WAY do I blame the hatchery.  Millions of chicks have been shipped through the … Continue reading