The guys were called out with the first lightning fires of the season.  It’s awfully early to start fighting fire.  I didn’t venture down to see if I could get a photo or two… But I did take some photos … Continue reading

North x Northwest

With branding over, it’s now time to split up the herd into smaller ones.  The guys like to do this since it is so much easier to see which bulls are with which cows…  They spend a great deal of … Continue reading

Dream Day

Five kids, three adults, and a morning searching for fossils!  We knew they were there somewhere, and taking two dinosaur-happy boys out to find belemnites, aka fossilized squid, was perfect.  We put them on the spot and let them find … Continue reading


Well, the past two days have been sooooo enjoyable… If you’ve been around FOREVER as one of my readers… you’ll remember I used to share the adventures of my Cousin Robb.  He toured the world, sending AMAZING photos along the … Continue reading


Rumor has it, someone had a second birthday party today. Here’s hoping it was full of thrills. Our best to you, Miss Lorelei!  You are loved. … Continue reading