Dream Day

Five kids, three adults, and a morning searching for fossils!  We knew they were there somewhere, and taking two dinosaur-happy boys out to find belemnites, aka fossilized squid, was perfect.  We put them on the spot and let them find … Continue reading


Well, the past two days have been sooooo enjoyable… If you’ve been around FOREVER as one of my readers… you’ll remember I used to share the adventures of my Cousin Robb.  He toured the world, sending AMAZING photos along the … Continue reading


Rumor has it, someone had a second birthday party today. Here’s hoping it was full of thrills. Our best to you, Miss Lorelei!  You are loved. … Continue reading

More Spit Than Bubbles

Sometimes life is Pretty Darn Good. Things seem to go along as planned… Oh, sure, once in a while things crop up that pose challenges. But nothing that a little hard work won’t eventually overcome. If you think about it… … Continue reading


Another snowy and stormy day at my house… I unexpectedly ended up babysitting Jaxon and Lacee… but what a good day to snuggle in and make Easter nest cookies, right?  Plus have a pot of beans on the stove… I … Continue reading