D dog

I’ve only met my English Shepherds…well, I’ve met two 8 week old pups…but my pack are all I know personally.  The internet has been an amazing resource for learning of other English Shepherds.  And between the 12 I’ve met, their ability to take things in stride has been remarkable.  D came to us at one of our busiest times of the year.  We spent days cowboying in the badlands and bringing pairs home, sorting them, branding them, and relocating them.  D had to be kennelled so we could leave safely without him following us.  He took it without whining or barking.  When our work was done, days after D arrived, he joined in our new daily routines.  Since D belongs to Bryan, I felt he should be partnered with a male here as well, and asked Daniel to be his temporary owner.  He now thinks he should be able to go with Daniel anywhere.  They are a good team!  He has been in the pickup, the tractor, and the excavator.  A simple invitation and D is his partner!  D dog and Daniel, a winning combination!  

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