Wild Calf Movie

A few weeks ago when we were vaccinating our heifers, we had this little devil to take care of.  This is the first “oops” calf (not to be confused with OOPE!) that I can remember having here this early.  Evidently his momma snuck out and had an exciting RRRENDEZVOUS (say it with a French accent!).

We have had extraneous “mis-colored” calves before… like when the neighbor’s bull jumped fences like a deer and we ended up with three red calves last year.  But this little guy was two months early and WILD!

I repeat, WILD.
Or “snarkledy” as Victoria once described a wild calf when she was four years old.
L. and S. are back in the video… we appreciated their help.
This evidently supplied me with great entertainment… I laughed the whole way through except for when Dally wanted to “help”.
People wouldn’t think we are a Wyoming Centennial Ranch by the way we accomplished this!

Wild Calf from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

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