Heifer Vaccination

While the boys were here for spring break… we managed to do those jobs that need everyone on board.  We’ll AI (artificially inseminate) our young yearling heifers in May but the process begins now… vaccinating them with PregGuard.
Since Daniel and I work the front of the chute… and Brandon works loading the alley and scale pen… I tend to pick on Daniel as my photography subject.
He appreciates it.
He hides his feelings very well.  Typical middle child.
I can’t seem to help it.
He is so easy to pick on.
He tries to tolerate me.
But, see… he was acting just like his Dad…  and I couldn’t help myself… I pointed it out to him.
How he holds his breath as he does something… then releases it in a big puff of air… just like Vernon does.
So every time he gave a heifer her shot…
If he concentrated… he could ignore me.
Oooooh! Look! There’s Brandon in the background…
But, thank goodness, Daniel has always been a cheerful soul.
And he can still enjoy a good laugh with his mom.
Or maybe he was laughing at me.
I didn’t think about that.
Now I’ll have to ask him over Easter break… were you laughing with me or at me???
Talk to me!
Little turd.

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