Puppy Photos…Better Late than Never! Part Four

Rimrock’s Sadie Lady… ready to follow a person no matter what… she’ll be an English Shadow for sure!

Rimrock Devon… my English gentleman is definitely the diamond in the rough… I’m liking him more and more… He is full of the ‘chase’ instinct and looks!

Rimrock Liberty… she’s classic in style… and I should have named her that!
Rimrock Patriot Blue is always one of the first on scene…
Rimrock Chisum is the puppy that is part Golden Retriever part Doberman.  Mellow and relaxed most of the time, if he wants to throw his weight around or remind his siblings he’s the Boss, stand back, he’s clearing the field!
Rimrock Boggiri (Bogie) is coming into his own.  He never was shy, just not overbearing, but now he seems confident and seems to handle new situations well.
Rimrock Marshall Dillon I thought was probably the most reserved of the pups.  He’s a watcher.  But those little wheels have been turning and today when I threw a ball out there for them to chase… guess who LOVED it!
Rimrock’s English Toffee… I’m really liking this little girl… She just might be as pretty as big sister Dally (or prettier…) and chasing that ball showed her aggressive nature… watch out cattle!
Rimrock’s Sprite…  wants attention and loving… on her terms!  She also showed some spirit chasing the ball…
Pictures of the pups and their first exposure to Puppy Soccer are on their way…
plus Dally’s short working day today…
plus I’m still putting together Lucas’ trip to the acupuncturist!

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