Yesterday we gathered up the last 50 yearling bred heifers for sale in Riverton Tuesday.  It gave Dally the chance to practice something fairly repetitive since we had done this just last week.  I’ve dumped her out of the pickup and am sending her in a straight line the way she is facing.


That meant running through tall grass, crossing the irrigation ditch, and maneuvering through the fallen logs.  It is all taller than she is, but it didn’t deter her!  She goosed these yearlings up and I sent her back to the left to urge some others onward.

No problem!  Of course, it doesn’t take much pressure to get yearlings moving, and with Dally’s enthusiasm, they headed right out.  I glanced back to my right, 3 heifers had come up out of the creek bottom where the first ones had been!
“Dally!  Look back!”  Huh?  what?  Oh!  gotcha!
I’ve called her off.  Vernon is up ahead.  It is time for us to settle down and be quiet now that they’re headed the right direction.
We head them the mile to the main place.  Dally stays back well out of trouble for the trip.  No pressure from the dog is a good thing when you’re selling them by the pound!  Here, as they were topping over the hill, she couldn’t resist tucking in the left corner.
Which was a good thing because this often happens if they don’t stay on the road.  This sidehill is steep.  A very good place to have a cowdog. Swwwisss! get ’em, Dally!
Atta girl!
Down the hill and into the corral they went with my little girl on their heels.  She just makes me so proud!  I secretly do a little *happydance* when all goes well!
The heifers?  We loaded them onto the semi this morning.  They sell Monday.  Anyone want to bid?
PUPPY PHOTO OF THE DAY – Play with us, Daddy!

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