Good Ol’ Time!

Although we moved cattle today…

I have to share the rodeo photos first!
Kickin’ up some dust…


Angle of attack… <go, L.!>
Bull slobbers…
Furthermore, it’s the first week of July…
time for another round of Questions and Answers!
Please post any questions you have for me in the comment section for the next couple of days… and I’ll answer them Friday.
Yes, I know there’s a few still left over from other times…
Like how did Vernon and I meet?
What happened to the robin’s nest?
Where’s Half Pint?
How come you can’t come up with a name for the Brown Horse?
among others.
I haven’t forgotten… and I’ll make a goal of answering them soon!
But throw some new ones out there for me, and we’ll have a good ol’ time!

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