I’m sorry… I have a few more wedding stories I want to share… don’t worry, the big trail to the mountain pasture is coming up soon, and you’ll get lots of cowboying stories then… but I wanted to share the cakes with you!

It was such a soap opera… the falling cakes… the oven that quit… hauling full pans of cake batter to my father-in-law’s oven over our rutted road… watching Cake Boss and Amazing Wedding Cakes and anything else that might help… worrying about Ten Sleep Canyon’s steep incline and switchbacks… worrying about melting cream cheese frosting… then we had suggestions… and success… and a day where we did nothing but decorate cake from 9 am to 1 am!
It did pay off…
The cake table was protected from flies by a “fairy ring”… and I’m hoping the pro photographer took a picture of it… When Victoria graduated from high school, she also earned her Gold Award in Girl Scouts (like an Eagle Boy Scout).  I threw her a surprise party, with friends and family and the “fairy ring” was part of it.  It was made to hang from a tree with many flowing purple and white tulle curtains.  She was to sit underneath it, framing her in a magical oasis.  Unfortunately, it rained for three days before the party and we ended up holding it in our large shop.  The “fairy ring” lost a little magic surrounded by tractor grease and tools.  I resurrected it for the wedding.  I sewed the curtains together, and added tulle to the top to stop flies from entering from the gap. It covered the eight foot table easily… and regained its magical power.  As they cut the cake, it was pulled back and out of the way.
The carrot cake took so many pounds of powdered sugar for the frosting, I can’t even comprehend it even now.
It was surrounded by purple ribbon, topped with a purple calla lilly, and purple roses.  Glass diamond sparkles and silver horseshoes helped hold the tablecloth down.
Black Forest Chocolate Cake with raspberry filling was the groom’s cake.  It was coated with a black butter cream and ringed with silver ribbon.  A white calla lilly and purple roses were its decoration.
In the center was a small white cake and a small black cake intersecting their corners… the raised intersection was flipped so that black sat on the white side and white was above the black.  A black and white calla lilly rested on top.  It was this intersection of cakes that they cut.
Yes.  The carrot cake, the Bride’s Cake, was much taller than the Groom’s Chocolate Cake.  That’s OK.  We’re not professionals.  We told Toria it would be one of the few times “she” would be taller than “Matt”.

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