We’re Set

I spent the morning trying to create some crafts.

I’ve joined up with the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library for a fun little project.
I did it years ago when I worked at the library… it’s called The Festival of Trees.
Organizations decorate a Christmas tree or wreath…
Businesses bid on them and display them in their offices/stores/buildings…
The bank that organizes it, then takes the money bid on the trees and returns it to multiple organizations.
I did trees long ago… this time we’re doing a wreath.
Betcha didn’t know…
but one of my “Dream Jobs” would be “Christmas Decorator”!
I was BORN on Christmas Day!
Christmas has always been MY DAY!
My family spoiled me with two presents… sometimes one wrapped with regular paper, one with Christmas paper.
We always had relatives or trips or something special… and c’mon…
My Mom was an *excellent* cook.
<and I’m gonna miss her terribly this Christmas>
It was a Great Day to be born.
I’ve always been very very picky about my decorations…
I bought my kids their own little fake tree they could put their school made Christmas decorations on because I didn’t want them on my “real” tree.  Bad mother.  Bad bad mother.
So… yeah, if I could get hired to decorate people’s trees and houses for the holidays… oh, wow… that’d be SO FUN.
This is my little fun version of that dream.
It is a joint project with other women, so we’re each making a few different styles of ornaments… all based on the artwork and books by Jan Brett.
If you don’t know Jan Brett and her children’s books, you’ve been missing a treat.
Take the time to cruise her website  or check some out of your library or go to Amazon and buy a few for the children in your life!  They’re AWESOME!  Fritz and the Beautiful Horses was one of Brandon’s favorites!
I’m doing wheat weaving and birchbark/paper ornaments and painting jingle bells.
I started attempting wheat weaving this morning…
No, the twist ties won’t be on the final project!
It was easy enough, though I cut my stems too short.
Next time I’ll be better.
I could look at her books for hours… wishing I was as talented.
Wishing I owned some of the costumes, especially the Inuit ones, out of her books!
As this project develops, I’ll share more photos.
For those of you waiting on the saddlepad tutorial… I’m working on that too!
And lest you think I’ve forgotten, it’s the first week of the month… shall we do another Question and Answer Session?  Leave your questions in the comment section… hey, I know there are a few more new readers out there… I’ll answer your questions on say… Sunday?
We’re set!
Cowboyin’ tomorrow… with my newly arrived camera!
November 2, 2009   Ritchie’s (What can I say, sometimes it just refuses to let me link!)

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