A Glimpse of Heaven


I just received a Big Shock.  Seventy one people read my post yesterday.
A few months ago, I would have been happy… today, I was mortified!  How quickly I’ve gotten used to 341 readers, or 506, or 413.  I even was hoping I’d bust the 15,000 hits for this month… it’d be a record for me… and now this!
<insert drying of eyes and gnashing of teeth here!>
Aye, Aye, Aye!
Gee, have I lost my magic so soon?  Am I not writing enough of the “cowboy” side or what?
If I could figure out how to insert a poll here, I would.
But then, I’d be writing *for* people, not myself… and I love keeping track of what I’ve done this way.  I love looking back at my posts, and seeing my stories develop.
Life can be mundane… even here on the ranch.  <Mundane: adj: 1. Lacking interest or excitement; dull.>
The mundane can mean something else.  <Mundane: adj: 2. Of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.>
This earthly world is full of chores, and duties, and routines… and I feel I must share them equally… this is *not* a Cowboy Romance Novel… this is LIFE.
But every once in a while, it seems a little bit of heaven DOES appear.
If I’m lucky, I’ll push the shutter button down and capture a glimpse.
And I’ll share it with you.
And *that’s* what this blog is about!
Seventy-one of you and one of me… we’ll kick my self-doubt out the window and continue on!
Thanks for coming along on my little self-improvement venture… I need these talks every so often!  I’m so glad these little lapses don’t last too long!
Oh, hey, the glimpse I had yesterday?
It was a good one!
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