My Easter Gift

We’re at that stage…

My kids are too old to decorate eggs for Easter… even my pysanky is for me… no one joins in.
Their nice Easter baskets sit gathering dust in the basement.
I’ve always tried to keep Easter going, laying trails with candy that they’d track down and find some little gift inside…
But this year, with all the cowboying going on… my energy level consisted of tossing two bags of candy on the table with some sarcastic comment.
There’s no new Easter clothes.
There’s no Peter Cottontail.
There’s no going to an Easter service (except for Toria and Matt, of course!  where they returned to Kaycee to help GIVE the service)
It’s kind of a bummer.
The cows needed trailed to new pasture while the weather was good… so we did.  That’s how it is.  We did take some of the afternoon off… and took a nap.  wheeeeeee.
It’s not the way I grew up, that’s for sure.
Would I like to have my family sit around and do pysanky?  Sure.
Would I like someone else to buy some candy?  Yup.  (OK, Toria gets credit for making the traditional egg nests while I cooked other stuff)
Do I think that most holidays are diabolical plots by men to have women cook elaborate meals and then sit around while women then clean up the horrific mess?  YESSSSS.  Sadly.
But if I’ve learned one thing about holidays out here on the ranch…
they may not be celebrated the same way as in town…
there may be no “time off” involved…
but your family is surrounding you…
and that is a Great Gift.
Then, if you take the time to look around…
you might just find someone else has left you a gift as well.
I found this feeding hay on Easter morning.
The poor little egg was frozen solid… cracked from the expansion of the fluid inside.  No little chick was going to emerge from this egg.
But it was decorated with frost in intricate detail.  Glorious crystalline shapes surrounded it.
There was hope and death and beauty and glory.
And isn’t that the Gift of Easter?
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