So, today was branding.  

I did not take one picture.
I almost went through some sort of camera withdrawal… but I had the branding iron in my hands, so I was busy.  Just not photographically.
Now that I’ve got you worried, neverfear!  
I charged M. with the job of Official Photographer and I’ll share a few of her pics tomorrow.
But for today, I’ll post the Puppy Pictures!

Still the smallest, she’s a cutie.

Windy is medium sized and easy to pick out with the spot on her left collar.

Nioby will be flashy with that collar of hers.

Joss is distinctive with that spot on her forehead.

Stormy is a big girl, giving Dawes a run for the biggest pup award.

Dawes is going to have some solidness about him.

Husker is the smaller of the males and easy to find since he has a lesser amount of white on his face.  He will probably get shepherd’s spots, they’re just not showing up yet.
I did not realize until tonight I took TWO photos of Nioby and none of Shawnee… so poor Shawnee has no portrait for today’s entry…

Jireh could easily become a favorite… she’s a pretty girl!
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