Hunting Lessons

Jireh left today to her new family… I think she’s going to have a *wonderful* time!

Afterwards the last two pups started following Elsa and Dally and I followed them.
It quickly sank in what was going on.
Stormy and Nioby were being taught how to hunt moles.
A favorite place is along the fenceline to my yard.  They are repeatedly successful there.  Since one of the breed qualities is “varmint gitter”… I’m happy to see my English Shepherds staying true to their heritage.  Moles are destructive little burrowers… and since they have thousands of acres to live in besides my yard… I let my dogs practice their skills freely.
First you watch.
Then you join in.
“Hey, Gramma got one!  Hey, Gramma!”
“Do it again, c’mon, do it again, Gramma!”
August 5, 2010   Piggysitting
August 5, 2008   No entry.

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