Morning Light

Let me take a wild guess…

at 3:30 this morning, you were asleep in bed… having a little REM action.
All comfy.
Yeah, well, I’m jealous!
When we move our cows to our mountain pasture, you’ve got to be on your horse and riding in the dark to get to the right spot just as daylight hits.
So… awake at 3:30.
Breakfast.  (bagel and sausage)
Throw lunch in the cooler.  (sandwiches, pop, macaroni salad, grapes, chips, and 2 kinds of cookies)
Everything else, I packed before bedtime.  (drinking water, paperplates, etc.)
Brandon is sweet enough to saddle my horse for me while I’m on “lunch duty”.  Daniel arrives with pickup and horsetrailer… and we’re off.
Yes, I took TONS of movies today, but it is now 10:45 *PM*.
And I’m pooped.
Slightly dust covered.
and I don’t care.
I’m going to bed and you’ll have to wait another day to join me in playing cowboy… watching my dogs work (kinda!)… and enjoying some Wyoming scenery.
I cannot function any more!
I’ll leave you with this…
I do love morning light for my photography…
It makes me look tall and skinny!
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