I’m Lichen It!

I’m needing to finish up some details on my projects so I can count them as completed.

The last thing needed in my bathroom is the decorative “chair rail” that I originally hoped to cover in fossils.  Alas and alack! my fossil stash is too poor to use the way I’d originally intended.  I’d also hoped to sneak off to a “dig your own fossil” quarry like they have over by Kemmerer, Wyoming.  They have amazing fish in those quarries… but, yeah… like we ever take vacations!

change of plans…
I’m thinking on just creating a rough stripe of stones for the chair rail and perhaps just framing a few of my fossils.
We’ll see how that progresses…
but FIRST…
I need rock!
Easy enough around here, after all this is WYOMING!  I’ve written about the dirt and its multitude of colors… and how, sometimes, I kind of lose track of time looking at rocks/scenery/dead cedars/more rocks/and lichen.
It happened again today.
I just went for a bucket full of rocks and spent a few hours out wandering.
Luckily for you… I packed my camera!
Check this out.
Doesn’t it make you just want to explore?  Is there a flake from the knapping of a prehistoric hunter?  A metal treasure from the pioneers?   A bone, a tooth, a crooked piece of cedar, a shiny stone, a lion track, or an antler?  Ah, the stories this stone could tell…
But I got distracted with the littler things in life.
The stone up there ranged from grey to intense iron red…

And it was all covered in gorgeous, miniscule forests of lichen…
What happened to the bucket of rocks?
Guess I’ll have to show you tomorrow, and maybe… just maybe… I can get to finish my bathroom… since the last time you saw it, it looked kinda plain!
And I shall Focus.
I shall Work.
I shall finish my bathroom!
Today was different…  all I could think of today was “I am an explorer and photographer and a scientist and I’m lichen it!”
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