Ready for Babies


If I was more like my dogs, I’d be running in circles and yipping!
“We’re home!”
I spent the day revamping Toria’s little two bedroom apartment… rearranging and cleaning and putting up the second crib and making way for babies!
I made a good dent in things… hopefully a good enough headway for her to to continue progress even as more baby stuff comes in!  She was very grateful, and at least I was able to help with the worry of being prepared for the boys.
Now, I need that energy to return to me in the morning, so I can make this house recover from my absence these past three days!  I have one day to prepare to leave for *another* three days!  I can’t remember when I’ve been away for so long.
That’s not true.
I can remember.
And I know she was with me today…
She’s awfully proud of you, Victoria.
I am too.
And now we’re ready for Babies!  (Though we can wait a couple more months!) 😉
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