I did it.
I’ve been wanting to do this… for my anniversary present… and tonight I actually pushed the button!
What do you think?
It’s kind of scary… leaving my old format behind, but soon I’ll have been doing this for FIVE, yes, FIVE YEARS!
It was time for some fresh paint!
There’s some tweaking to do, but so far, so good.
If I could get this font to stay large, I’d be a happy customer, too… but I’ve decided GoDaddy just doesn’t like Macs!
There’s also a new button on the left sidebar I want to point out.
After five years of writing this blog, with one small failed attempt at advertisements on my sidebar, I’ve decided to try to make some extra money with this blog thing!  Now, I’ve sold calendars and mugs and some photographs, but this is different.  I’m now a Sierra Trading Post affiliate!
What does that mean to you?  It means you have a direct link to one of Wyoming’s coolest stores!  STP sells outdoor/sporting goods, clothing, shoes, and home furnishings at 35-70% off everyday.  They run great specials on name brand items.  Whenever I go to Cody, their huge log store is definitely on my list of places to go.
I’ve shopped there for years, and so I signed up for their affiliate program.
If you happen to buy anything after clicking on my link, I make money.  It’s as easy as that.
You win with great prices on brands you already love.
I win by promoting a Wyoming based store that I believe in!
That’s enough for tonight… though I can’t wait to share what I did today!  I’ll save it for tomorrow’s post.
Please let me know what you think… is this a WOW or bleh change?
One more day for Questions… I’ll answer them Tuesday!
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