Vintage Grand Lady

Remember the Grand Lady?

How she made the trip from the root cellar to my house… perhaps reclaiming a corner she once knew?
And I put her in a fancy dress and touched up her makeup… and surrounded her with glitter?
Well… she enjoyed the holidays…
but it was time to get back to reality.
Nothing like glaring fluorescent lights to point out all your faults…
This poor coat of white primer did nothing for her.
Her makeover begins!
Turquoise seems to be that pop of color I crave, so a shabby coat of sky blue appears…
Then rust red and brown add their depth…
The interior gets a light buckskin color with brown and black for added definition.
Then I toned down the rust with lots of black…
and, voila!
She’s back in her corner, now holding a few treasures for display.
I think I like her this way… and, although I swore I’d never really antique a piece of furniture… I’ve had to eat my words.  I encouraged her to celebrate her age!
She may or may not get a new door one day.
She may or may not get replacement screen or wire like she originally had.
She may just get painted a fresh pure turquoise color one day.
But for now, she is who she is…
a Vintage Grand Lady!
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