I know you’re probably wondering, “When will Red Dirt In My Soul ever switch over to its new format?”  Well, I’m still chugging along at printing off all my blog entries.

I shouldn’t have started… because now I don’t want to quit!  But I do, too, because it is taking forever!
I have 2008 done.
And 2009.
2010 is halfway there…
I’m not telling how much I’ve spent on ink.  I’m cheap enough that I decided to use the back of the paper… which made for its own complications!  I guessed if I printed off through June, then flip over and use the other side… I’d come out close to December, right?
No. Not really.
And I had to figure out how to print everything in order, because the printer liked to print last pages first… so I had to figure how to change that… adding another step!
But, by golly, I’m going to get there.
But, seriously, what was I thinking when an entry can take 13 pages to print all those photographs?????????????????
I’m SOOOOOOO ready to switch over to a new setup!
While I’m browsing around looking at old blog posts, I realized I should be doing something else.
The BlogHer Voices of the Year contest is going on.  I was recognized last year, and my readership level shot up!  Anyone who is registered over at BlogHer can nominate someone, and honestly, I nominated myself last year.  (It’s legal!)
I’m going to do it again, but how do I compete with the story of Snake, the Bald Eagle?
If you have a favorite post of mine from February of 2011 to January of 2012… something that’s unique (in photos and/or story), let me know.  They have 6 categories… Heart, Humor, Identity, OpEd, Parenting, and Visuals.  Visuals is where I was chosen last year.
This is my life… and while I know it’s more and more unique as ranches dwindle away… sometimes it’s hard to decide what might resonate with people “outside” of agriculture.
I have a few favorites.  Sex and the Country was hysterical to me, but reading the single post doesn’t convey the entire story very well.  Widdle Calfie Pooh is sweet… definitely the “ahhhh” factor.  The video, Pups and Panama… again, kind of “ahhhhh”.  Into the Blue I thought was well written, though I don’t know into what category it would fall.  Western Conference is unique.  Marvel I will submit to the Parenting category.
My best photos I usually saved for Wordless Wednesday… can one great photo be better than 5?
Which post touched your heart? made you laugh? gave you insight into ME? (forget the OpEd… you know me and controversy!) caught a moment in the journey of parenting?  or visually was a reflection of my “voice”?
I need help!
February 26, 2011   Into the Blue
February 26, 2010   Darkness, Rah!
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