One at a Time

After the rain and snow, today was gorgeous!  It wasn’t near as warm, and felt much like April is “supposed” to feel like!

I measured .74 inches of moisture with this last storm (and my rain gauge doesn’t handle snow very well, so it was probably more), so when the warm weather decides to return, by golly, it’ll get green fast!
It’s trying real hard anyway… and yesterday I decided to throw that fertilizer out on top of the snow…
Guess what?
Real wet snow likes to snowball… even onto the wheels of little fertilizer spreaders!


Yeah, I had to delay that plan… not only could I not push it, the snow blocked the spread of the fertilizer… If I have streaks in my lawn, we’ll know why!
The snow was gone by afternoon and I had to show you this!
One of my new gliders!


I bought two, but have one on the south side and one on the west side of my house!
These are well built of red cedar (and I wish that smell would never go away…) and relatively inexpensive.  I’m very happy!  I just need to decide on clear poly or stain to protect them from the weather…
They also had a loveseat glider… and I’m so tempted!
But… I can only sit in one at a time anyway!
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