Bangs Vaccination Day.

The day when your friendly veterinarian visits with vaccine, a vet shield tattoo, green ink, a toothbrush, and numbered metal tags.


It was also the day of the local food co-op, so a mad 40 mile round trip dash started the morning.

Followed by unloading of said food… anyone want to share ideas for coconut oil uses?

Back up the road to help with the tattoo process.  My part is simply writing the metal tag numbers down with the right eartag number, then sorting them one of three ways… and I *think* I only messed up once!

Then I abandoned ship early to come home to make lunch…

Next was a quick trip to the neighbors to help bangs vaccinate their little bunch.

Oh, but right before lunch?  I found the basement flooding.  Some clear water… some not so clear backing up as well.  Yippee.  So we came home to that… Vernon worked outside while I cleaned up the mess.  Yippee.  I imagine the septic system needs pumped out, which might be easier if we knew where it was.

The basement bathroom also needs totally ripped out… walls and all… and the system repaired or replaced.  But as often happens, we fixed it for today… a temporary fix, yes… but one we’ll live with!

Somehow, my Christmas crafts… and Christmas baking… has fallen behind schedule.  Now… how did *that* happen?

(oh, yes, Sarcasm is Alive and Well!)

I hope you enjoyed your insight into The Life and Times of Us on Bangs Vaccination Day!

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