Good Imagination

What a Nice Day!

I told Vernon it’s the kind of day that makes you want to have a picnic, or go for a drive, or pour over seed catalogs!  We have lost so much snow over the past week, it is amazing!  Oh, don’t get me wrong, the fields are still covered in white, but in the afternoon, it’s so wet and mushy, and where it has melted completely away, like the roads, there’s streams of runoff.

I shot some video I’ll try to share tomorrow… have you ever heard the frost leaving the ground, and the land gurgling as it drinks in water?  Spring is beginning to flutter her eyelashes…

The unfortunate part of all this runoff is my poor studio is soggy and muddy on the dirt side, with even a puddle on the cement side.  The snow is still knee deep on the shady side, and I’m afraid it may be soggy in there for quite some time.  Nevertheless, I painted my ceiling boards, and am simply beside myself knowing the next step is putting them up!  It will lighten it up in there so much!

Studio CeilingThe ceiling will go up… the walls will be finished, the cement poured, the windows installed… oh, I can see it!

Well, that’s months away, but I have a Good Imagination!


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  1. What about having some heat in the winter, in your studio? Is that part of the plan?

    The new format of your blog is very nice! 🙂

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