Nowood International Airport

Good grief, Gertrude!

It’s raining STILL!  We haven’t done this much rain in a while!  .73″ yesterday and .64″ so far tonight.  It’s continuing to rain, and it has taken all day to get the .64″, which was MUCH different than yesterday’s downpour.

The neighbors have high water, and ours sounded loud when I went out to shut up the chickens, though it’s too far away to spot with a spotlight at night.  We’ll see what morning brings, as I’m sure this continual rain has melted the remaining snow on the mountain.  We kind of thought we’d miss a high water, it was coming off slow or soaking into the ground.  Yeah.  Jinxed ourselves.

The dogs finally got to come inside, though they and their muddy paws and cottonwood stickies are banished to the basement.  It’s better than outside, pups, count your blessings!

Vernon and I did minimal things… a few blog posts were transferred… two, yes, TWO movies were watched… Les Miserables for culture… Jack Reacher since I’m a big Lee Child fan.  I was entertained enough to almost forgive them for casting Tom Cruise – who I just KNEW couldn’t be a Jack Reacher!  Almost.

Photos today?

Not a one.

But, here’s one I took on the way home from Casper the other day… wish I had a $1,000 for every time someone’s photographed this place!  (The road’s not *that* well traveled!)

That’s Nowood International Airport in some great Red Dirt Country!

Nowood International Airport

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