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Small fact.  Too much rain is a direct link to a rancher spending too much money!

See… it works like this.

Rain falls in abundance… rancher can’t work in fields or haul out supplies to fix fence or clean muddy ditches or travel anywhere… EXCEPT on highways.  Rancher decides to take day off and use the highway to go someplace… anyplace.

Highway trip ends in Sheridan, Wyoming… where rancher buys wedding present and wedding shirt and wedding cowboy hat.  Rancher’s wife buys wedding dress boots and more tomato plants (which has nothing to do with the wedding) and looks for wedding clothes (yeah, right… ) and finally remembers to buy that new broom (which has nothing to do with the wedding).

We also perused Honda 4 wheelers and side-by-sides… but did not fork over $12,000.  Choke.  Gag.  Choke!

We also wandered around a furniture store… that had absolutely nothing we wanted…

I did find one thing that may go on my list of “Might Have To Build One”… Cost?  $260!  That’s why I might look up some interesting sticks and make my own…

wood planters


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