All In All

That hot tub I haven’t bought yet?  I sure could use it now!

I spent the morning spray painting my garden shed and garage, at least as far as I could get on a ladder!  So there’s the up and down, the weight of the backpack of paint (only 8#, but still…) and the reaching and spraying with the sprayer.  Wow.  Glad I only had 3 gallons!

I wasn’t sure how far it’d go in the sprayer, so this was all kind of a test drive for doing my house.  Getting used to the technique, and figuring out how I’ll protect the windows and brand new soffit.

It looks tremendous, don’t you think?

painting garageThen, I threw some seeds in the ground…

This time, green beans, dry beans, and corn.  I’m halfway done, with the squash, cukes, peppers, and tomatoes to go!

I’d say, all in all, it was a pretty productive day!


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  1. Marilyn, if you have old tires lying around, fill one with soil and plant potatoes. As vines grow upward, pile on additional tires and fill in around vine with soil. To harvest, unpile tires on at a time and gather potatoes. No weeding.

  2. I’ve been thinking of your family in Oklahoma, also. Hope they are safe.

    Sounds like you did have a very productive day! I like the paint job…you inspire me! In my little garden, I’m going to try potatoes in a super-large pot this year (again) and try some butternut squash instead of corn.

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