Duh, Girls

I feel a little self conscious whining about the day when people are getting hit by huge storms and tornadoes in Oklahoma City and Saint Louis, but guess I will anyway.  The day was chilly, windy, slightly rainy, and I haven’t ridden for months!  As a result, I have the sore shoulders from hunching against the constant wind and drizzle, and a sore rear end from my saddle!

Even Panama makes a comment about the day by sticking his tongue out!

PanamaWe had gathered a bunch of younger cows… so they were rather stupid about the last bit, acting like they hadn’t a clue which way to go.  That cost us some time, unsure of the trail down the Big Grey Ridge, wandering around the wrong side of the knob, crossing the creek unnecessarily, and almost running back near the Drift Fence.

Big Grey RidgeDuh, girls.

But after 8 hours of riding… Brandon counted them through the gate… and we do it all over again tomorrow!

Counting thru the Gate


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  1. Beautiful scenery ,cows and horses… nice and green too…. hope weather improves – there – here and everywhere….

    • Good eye, Kris! That’s Punch, Tess’ horse… big Rooster needs a break now and again… Punch is MUCH smaller!

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