Won’t Care

It turned out to be more like 9 hours on horseback today!  It was a bigger loop, more miles covered gathering, and a longer trail back in.  But, the weather was gorgeous!  After a cloudy start (and Johnny telling me I didn’t need my slicker along, but I took it anyway, and he was right, I didn’t need it) by an hour into the ride, the sun came through and the wind was minimal.

It’s the kind of day where everyone wants to be a cowboy…

Tomorrow’s supposed to be nice too, but I’m on babysitting duty so the girls can go…  It’s a bigger circle yet, though we’re only short about 30 pairs.

Spring BranchI’ll tell you one thing.  I’m really really missing Elsa!  I always kind of knew that Elsa gave Dally confidence… but I thought, maybe on her own, she’d gain some, because Elsa also shut her down… But, no.  Dally hangs back with Boomer, and just barks.  I’m really sad about that.  Oh, on occasion she’ll tuck in and chase or bite, but I think she’s following Boomer’s lead, just like she did Elsa’s.  We could have used a cowdog many times today… and she failed.  She needs to have the drive to do it even if she is sore and tired.

DallyShe did get this calf off the hillside, and a few other saves.

I arrived home around 4.  Two minutes later the phone rings and it is our neighbors.  Our bulls are in their field.  I warm up lunch and snarf it down when Vernon shows up.  We jump into the Rhino and we’re off.

So, today, it’s not “Duh, Girls”, it is “Duh, Boys”.  Though they could have given us much more trouble than they did!  If there can be a pretty shot of bulls’ hineys, this is it… and, no, I did nothing to adjust the color on my camera!

trailing bullsAfter putting them back where they belonged, we visited with the neighbors a bit, and were back home at 7.  I cooked supper while Vernon irrigated, and then I zipped out and stabbed some tomato plants in the ground FINALLY!  I’ll finish them up tomorrow.  Some of my garden is coming up… that rain kicked it into gear.

I sure wish my Kitchen Fairy would do something… she’s been the slacker of late… and there’s branding food to cook tomorrow too!  I simply cannot figure out how to keep a clean house and do outside work too.  Ah well, if you’re my friend, I guess you won’t care, right?



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