An Itch

Although all I did was babysit Jaxon and Quinlan for 2/3 of the day, I made up for it in the last third!

We had just decided to eat branding dinner up here last night… in my unmowed lawn and filthy house.  It’s pretty easy to figure out what I did… plus cook the hamburger for the sloppy joes and make some rice krispy treats, and move this big honking old and HEAVY cafeteria table from the garage.

I still have a couple of things I’d like to do before we pile in and head to our branding in the morning… guess I’ll see if I sleep in too late or not!

We’re branding in a different spot… it should make for some amazingly scenic backdrops if I get the chance to take photos instead of just branding!  Have I ever told you they call me the “Bar Girl”?  See, Vernon or Johnny applies the A’s… and I connect them with the bar… you can see our brand on the June header up above.  So if I’m slow, someone will just shout, “Hey, Bar Girl!”

Loved this photo from yesterday…  One of the bulls had an itch, and the red bank was perfect for scratching that spot!

bull itch


An Itch — 8 Comments

  1. Love that picture of your *really nice looking* bulls! They look like they are ready to go to work. 🙂

    RE: missing Elsa. Wish I could (safely – thinking of his brother in the mix) send you Mace. He would LOVE to have that job for awhile.

    • They are going to work today! Good thing they have some good stores built up! I would love to have Mace! Took Lucas for a bit this afternoon that turned into a lot… poor guy. I think I’m being nice by taking him along, but he’s so out of shape and sore so fast…

  2. Oh Wow! I love that shot! I finally caught up again after betting way behind on blogs again. Finally got smart and subscribed by email, since google reader is on it’s way out anyway. Hopefully I’ll stay up to date now.

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