Fire Starter

I canned the pitiful Minute Movie I WAS making, and replaced it with this one.

Though this movie is much longer, this thunderstorm was IMPRESSIVE.

Notice some things:

My camera fades in and out of focus… I apologize for that.  Some of the best lightning bolts are out of focus, but I left them in anyway!

After the first clip, the cloud forms a “waterfall” of hail.  Yes, the boys can verify the hail… they turned the firetruck around because they were worried the hail might break the windshield.  They were coming home from the Hawk Fire where they’d spent the afternoon.

The thunderstorm was far enough away that only occasionally you could hear a low rumble.

You can replay the video and hit the <pause> button to capture some great lightning.

You can barely make out the firetruck at the end…  Don’t let my voice scare you, either!  It was nice to get the boys home and let the “professionals” take over.

MY PET PEEVE:  It is lightNING, not lightening.

Without further ado:  The video I’ve dubbed “Fire Starter”.  (Although so far… knock on combustible fuel… it hasn’t started one!  However, lightNING strikes often smolder for days before low humidity and wind can kick them into life.)

Should you be interested… we can do a Question and Answer session.  Leave any questions in the comment section.


Fire Starter — 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful, astonishing, awesome……Wow!

    It seemed to last forever. Did the Nowood rise much as it looks like a tremendous amount of rain was falling up stream? Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow and double WOW! Great home video of the awesome power and beauty of nature. I also, loved the way the clouds look with the illumination of the lightNING. Hope there won’t be any fires as a result.

    Questions: how do the doggies react during thunder and lightning?
    how did you select the name, “Dally”?

    Thank you, Carol.

  3. Awesome storm! I love thunder storms, but of course I don’t have to worry about fires like you do. We only very rarely have thunder storms here in WA, and I miss them a lot! One of my favorite memories from SC is riding back to the barn when a storm hit. I think my horse was as amped up by the storm as I was…. we made a great pair!

  4. For a minute I thought there was a tornado touching down in the center of the clouds, then lightning lit up the interior of the clouds. Just amazing to watch, thanks for sharing. Glad nothing happened to start fires and you all are safe.

  5. WOW! This sure brings back some memories. Always loved a good storm but not the fire potential. Thanks for posting 🙂

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