Headed for Bed

Well, I DEFINITELY feel like I accomplished something today!

I started at 8 this morning, had a pop and some water on occasion, took 15 minutes to eat most of a sandwich, and went back out and finished painting my garage!  The upper half.  That entailed moving/climbing/repositioning and painting from the extension ladder.


Holding that little sprayer out at arm’s length is harder once you’ve been at it a few hours.

Actually, there’s a bit to do, but I decided we’d get the tractor and loader in for that… leaning *backwards* while the extension ladder is almost fully extended and I’m up HIGH (higher than I wanted to be…) to paint the edge trim just WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

My house will be next, but I might wait a bit.  Wait for my muscles to recover and the bruises from leaning and climbing the ladder to disappear!

Did I take photos?  No.

It took me an hour to clean the sprayer… and 30 minutes to try to scrub myself down with paint thinner and then a shower (and I still have paint on me!).  That tshirt is probably a rag now…

Victoria and the twins arrived just as I was putting things away… We have a trip scheduled for tomorrow… so, I’ll post some wedding photos to keep you occupied while we’re away!

Go ahead and leave any questions for this month’s Q&A session in the comments.  Me and my advil… we’re headed for bed.


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  1. Carol, Use Cooking oil to remove the paint off of YOU! Much easier and gentler on skin and Hair! works better too!
    (Yes it works on oil paint or stain) I have used it for years (we do contracting and I found this tip in an old book I purchased at an auction years ago) Kay

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