Happily Ever After

Some of you have been waiting a while for these…

Daniel and Tess’ wedding, Meadowlark Ski Lodge overlooking Meadowlark Lake, Big Horn Mountains, WY

wedding at Meadowlark ski lodge

The “new” family!


wedding outdoors

Happily ever after!

silhouette kissMe?  Pictures coming tomorrow!


Any more questions for the Q&A?  Post ’em in the comment section!


Happily Ever After — 5 Comments

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  2. LOVE the last shot! I remember Meadowlark Lodge….we stopped there when we were heading to the Big Horns camping with my grandparents. My grandmother was born on a ranch now covered by the Shoshone Dam, and they had homesteaded there in the 20s. My grandfather helped build the first roads into Yellowstone. When I was a kid in the 60s and 70s, they lived in a trailer and spent there summers fishing, hunted in the fall, and spent winters with us in California. We were headed up to camp in the Big Horns, stopped for supplies at Meadowlark, and I remember my grandmother walking up to this old geezer, punching him in the shoulder, then hugging him. Turns out it was her brother who lived in a trailer way up in some meadow tending sheep! I have not been back to the Big Horns since, but I will return. They hold a very special place in my heart. I know I will go back sometime. A magical place for a wedding, truly!

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