A Few More Wedding Pics

For kicks… Tess’ gorgeous dress and her beautiful cowboy boots!

wedding dress cowboy boots

Daniel, looking like an old black and white western moviestar… minus the sunglasses!

Daniel b&w

All of us… minus the twins… their parents prefer not to post their photos online… and plus C. and T., Vernon’s sister and husband.

our halfThen just me and Vernon and the new couple!

fourThat’s enough… while Daniel and Tess and Jaxon are Very Photogenic… I much prefer being BEHIND the camera.


Time to get in a question… I don’t have very many for this Q&A!  Post ’em now!


A Few More Wedding Pics — 9 Comments

  1. What a beautiful family (including YOU)! Thank you for sharing these photos. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

  2. Are you very satisfied with your Hugelkultur garden project? … I have now heard of a couple of others doing this in a wooded area in Ne.

  3. Hi Carol,

    My question this month. How many different vehicles do you have to do all the work on your ranch? I ask, because it seems like it takes a “fleet” when you count the tractors, SUVs, trucks, mini pick-up, Yamaha four wheelers, etc. that you have shown in pictures from time to time. It seems like it would take a herculean effort to keep them all in operating condition, as well.

  4. Such a lovely family! Thank you for sharing your special day.

    Now for my question…… How much time do the guys average fighting fires in a summer? And do they do the repairs that keep their fire trucks going?

  5. There was a two-part special on TV all about the Dust Bowl. Was your family or Vernon’s living in any part of the areas affected, and did
    you hear any tales about their experiences?

  6. You look lovely! I like your outfit. You fit in perfectly with those colors. I’ve been trying to find one of those jackets with the handkerchief hem for ages (a cheap one, that is.. lol)

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