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It reallyreally tried to rain here today, but the cloud sat on the far side of the ridge and when it finally made up its mind to continue farther east… it was out of juice.  It had enough lightning and thunder to send me inside, though!

While inside, I received a phone call about puppies.

Did I have any?  Was I planning a litter?

I’m very lucky in that I have calls like this fairly often.  The nicest people find me, and some are willing to wait for one of my pups, others I encourage towards the English Shepherd Club or the National English Shepherd Rescue sites.  Some I DISCOURAGE from getting a herding breed and to go to their local shelter!  If I can visit along with people easily about cow/calf pairs, or grass, or irrigated pasture, or any of the other myriad topics that go along with ranchlife, then those people will make my list.  They get that FIRST checkmark by their name, which makes them eligible for a Rimrock pup.

There’s more to it, understandably, as time goes by, but it’s a start.

Today’s guy talked about a picture of Josie… one of my pups in Idaho.  I was taken aback for a minute… I thought I’d taken down my pup photos off the website… plus the sad fact that Josie passed away earlier this year.  His one dog had looked just like her…

Holy toledo!  Maybe I should LOOK at my Rimrock English Shepherds website!

That’s where this blog started… people finding me and my dogs… and wondering about my life… I had the coolest pictures… maybe I should write a blog????

Well, I’ve obviously neglected the website!

Sadly, I hadn’t even posted that Elsa had passed away…  I remember thinking of it once, but I was still too teary eyed to do it, and I never remembered again.

I looked at the website and was mortified.  Very plain.  Old.  No new updates.  Ick.  I’m amazed.  After building and reworking this blog… and another website… I was shocked to see the looks of Rimrock English Shepherds!

I forgot about cleaning my house, and I spent a bit reworking the website.  Only the first few pages are done, so don’t look at it and expect to see something great and wonderful, not yet!  But I’m reapplying what I’ve learned… and things I struggled and fought with, now seem so easy!

If you get a chance, in the next few days… give me time to finish it… 😉 go on over for a visit, and give me some feedback!  Let’s polish the old girl and take her out for a new spin!




Rimrock English Shepherds — 7 Comments

  1. I’m anxious to see the site, Carol! I seek in there every once in a while to see if it’s been updated… Love your dogs (and your family is awful nice, too! ;))

  2. Looks like Lucas is waiting patiently for that “new look” you will create for your website! He is a wonderful representative of the ES breed.

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