Dally’s Day

I should have got in here sooner… 168 photos and a bunch of videos today… is too much to go through!

Dally started the day off fresh… and by “fresh” I mean Dally found something to roll in right away!

startShe ended up the day still helping… although muddy, poopy, stinky, and covered in wild licorice burrs.

endSomewhere in the middle, I caught this one…

middleAnd, *that*, folks, is all I have time for tonight!  A video should be on your way in the next few days… plus a Q&A (already!) for November!  Plus more riding and moving cattle coming up!  MAYBE next time I take a zillion pics, I won’t wait until 10:30 to come look at them!

(well, we can always HOPE!  😉 )


Dally’s Day — 3 Comments

  1. Well, you need your rest and time to do other things. It is ok, if you do not do everything. We can enjoy what you have. Thank you.
    Windy today here in south central Kansas. Sharon Drake

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