‘Tis the Season

shelfI’m still adding to this… but here’s the basic shelf all gussied up for Christmas!

The bottom shelf and floor will hold presents… but for now there’s toys and a Santa hat for the boys to play with!  No garland.  No lights.  Maybe in a few more years!

The next shelf holds “kid friendly” stuff as well… My teddy bear, Cry Baby, which I received for Christmas when I was… oh, probably 5… That is my old elf as well… faded and ripped.  I don’t know how many times I almost threw him out, and now “Elf on the Shelf” is a popular phenomena. My elf is good, though, sitting there and not creating havoc.  We were taught manners back then!  Some tempting candy canes hang on a red bucket, and my old Rudolph book is on display.  The Grinch also crouches there, frowning away.

Cry Baby



The top shelves hold more delicate and “hands off” items… Scentsy candles, lights, Santa and his sleigh, a bird cage, two metal deer, trees, poinsettias, and two oil lamps.  More items will probably appear as I pull out the tree decorations…


I’m happy with the stockings and general look, though I’m thinking the top shelf definitely needs more lights!

I love the soft glow of my house this time of year… it brings peace, it brings memories, it brings joy.

‘Tis the season, is it not?


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‘Tis the Season — 6 Comments

  1. Very nice and thoughtful for the little ones and shows them your things as a Child.
    We have a table like that also that has a lot of old things. Thank you for sharing.
    Very cold here, the inch snow we had has melted. Thank you. Sharon Drake, south central kansas

  2. Looks very inviting! Great idea about the different levels, from “kid friendly” to those special “look but don’t touch” items. I love the stockings, too, and the jingle bells for little hands to enjoy. Keep warm!

  3. Just beautiful … cozy and warm… love your adorable cry baby and the little elf just has to be somewhere in any display…. the little boys will love this and all will be such good memories for them….

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