Sunday Drive

Vernon said our highway was busy this morning… everyone is getting spring fever and going for Sunday drives, I guess.  Most people’s Sunday drives are leisurely, sitting in a comfortable car, with heat or air conditioning or windows down if you want to smell Spring!  Maybe the radio on, maybe a relaxed conversation about the view or the upcoming week.

My sweetie took me on a Sunday drive, too.

In the Rhino.  I grabbed a blanket at the last second since it’s a tad breezy in it!  I didn’t have any long johns on, so the blanket was welcome against the wind chill.  I loaded Dally in the back, and zoom! off we went.

First of all, we weren’t on pavement.  We went back in the hills to check on the status of a pasture.  I’d bought Vernon a windshield for the Rhino as a Christmas/birthday/Valentine’s Day present.  Good thing.

Rhino windshieldIt was good because not only were we not on pavement, we were on muddy roads just losing their last coat of snow drifts (until tonight, again!).  Windshields are also good mudshields.  Every once in a while, Vernon would reach up and dig a clod out of his collar, I had my hoodie up, so I just got bonked by clods!  Dally was so unimpressed at one point, she tried to crawl in the front with us, and I had to elbow her back and tell her she was a Good Dog, and no one was throwing mud at her on purpose!

We checked grass height (minimal) and reservoir storage (full!)…

reservoirWe even managed to see a bull elk run by…

bull elkNo radio… not much talking (it’s a bit noisy)… no heating, and we definitely had enough air!

But what a tour, and what a scenic Sunday drive!




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