Regain Beauty

If I know anything, it’s that my readers are great and knowledgeable people!  So, I’m asking for help with this.

crabapple tree

This is my formerly gorgeous crabapple tree.  Last summer, we had a guy take down an antenna tower next to my house.  To drop it, he said he might have to clear a branch or two, and I was envisioning some limbs high up.  Imagine my horror when I saw this.  My beautiful tree was hacked to pieces!  She was mutilated… I can’t find a former photo of her right now, but envision an arching, delicate array of boughs, topped with gentle pink blossoms in spring.  Many times I thought I should have a bench encircling her, she shared such peaceful, inviting vibes…

crabapple tree

I suppose I should have done something in the fall or earlier this spring… but, what? When?  How?  Every time I look at it, I’m just sick.  This was the prettiest tree on the place!  Argh!

crabapple tree

If you have advice, please share… I’d sure love for her to regain her beauty!


Regain Beauty — 4 Comments

  1. Well, rats! They left a mess for you. As someone above said, look at the symmetry. Mother nature is very forgiving. Balance out the shape of the tree (although nothing drastic), Take out some of the sail within the main body, and give it a more pleasing shape. Also, since most of us are not trained, if your county has a state extension office, you may be able to contact them via email, phone or a visit, and send them a photo and have them advise you. Those services are usually free. They can advise you of the proper time to do the cutting and give you an idea of how much to cut. Also, do a quick internet search of “how to prune a crabapple tree” and you’ll find lots of information. Bottom line is I think in a year or two you’ll be back in love with your tree. Do not despair.

  2. I am not an arborist either but we have had several trees be “hacked” by Mother Nature’s ice storms here. It looks like your tree has lots of sucker branches that are starting to leaf. It takes a few years but all our trees have finally recovered. It takes varying time for different trees. You might need to “feed” the tree – that’s also where an arborist could help. Love reading your blog! Aaron Anderson is my brother so I have strong ties there.

  3. …. I’d have been speechless, because of being so spitting mad inside!! I don’t think I’d have even been able to look at that man. How could Anyone just hack away at a beautiful tree like that?! Sure wish I knew how to help. I’m pretty sure it can regain a lot of beauty in time. I just don’t know the best way to go about that. On a better note, what heart-melting pictures of Quinlan in the last post!

  4. Consult an arborist. I’m not one.

    I know that arborists no longer advise sealing wounds of cut branches.

    Looks like most branches were taken from one side. Look at symmetry. Is there a possibility that a heavy snowfall could imbalance the tree and bring it down? Trim small stuff accordingly.

    There’s probably a strong root system under there that will now send all its strength into the remaining branches. Maybe there’s hope. Let it heal.

    Tell the tower guy that he’s a dick.

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