The sign I painted on the library door…

Obviously our Open House and Silent Auction is coming up FAST!  The bulletin board inside is decorated as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, so my Victorian lamp post served as my sign post.  I’m still looking for a Dickens’ style top hat… I should just buy one off of ebay, though I’m not sure if it would make it here in time!  Tomorrow, I hope to make Tiny Tim’s crutch… we’ll see if I have time!

We’re still eating well and surrounded by relatives… Hope you’re recovering too!


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  1. This is beautiful, Carol! Your mom would tell me how talented you are but honestly, most people have a limit! Your talents and energy just go on and on!

  2. The lampost is a great idea, and the way you enhanced it by adding the information on the little signs is really cute. Hope you have a successful auction!

  3. What a familiar site this lamp post is. We still have them on a main road. Lots of discussions as to keeping them or not as the road is busy with traffic and there is a school. The lamps look lovely but don’t give off much light. CS Lewis is said to have been walking nearby when he saw a lamp shinning through the snow and he used this illustration in his Narnia book. Its a great painting Carol.

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