Calf Pen

If I had wanted to put them in there, I couldn’t have done it.

calf pen 1

They would have refused in a split second.  But now, they WANT to be in there.  There is no food, there is no water.

calf pen 2

They have bent the back panel a bit… little turds.

I wonder what the chickens think when they want to enter/exit their coop?

And why, oh why, has my puppy/chicken/dog pen become a calf pen?


Calf Pen — 7 Comments

  1. This is crazy! Ya got me! However, it is much less serious than the front page article in the Tribune this morning about three St. Bernards killed in traps for animals on the mountain yesterday with the two children who were looking for their pets finding them! The traps were legal and of course not meant for dogs. So very sad!

  2. Oh yes, what Pam said, my feelings exactly.
    Also, I’m almost certain that those cuties do have their valid reasons! Mysterious but valid… 😉

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