It’ll Be Fun

Thanks for the encouragement on my pastel work… I’m excited to keep trying it!  I had pastels a LONG time ago, and just remember how the yellow would be covered in black, or the orange had green on it, because I kept them all thrown in a box together!  I didn’t like that!  In fact, I haven’t run across them, and I wonder if I pitched them.  (Heaven forbid, because Carol keeps EVERYTHING)  But I really think I did!  Oh, well… one more purchase for Amazon!

While yesterday morning was spent attempting to draw Mace… the afternoon I spent helping the guys… well… just a tiny bit!  They ran the little steers in to worm them.  My job was simply to open the head catch and let them file through.  Daniel was using the pour on, Vernon and Brandon bringing them up the alley.

worming steers

After this job, I took Eden along to see how she’d do by herself.  A short line on her collar and no “backup” slowed her down immensely!  Yay!


Slow is good.  In fact, by the time she figured out exactly what we were doing, the job was over!

Over?  Yes.  C’m’ere, Eden!

Eden recall

It won’t be long before we get SERIOUS about this training stuff…  Oh, it’ll be FUN!


It’ll Be Fun — 5 Comments

    • Pour On is what we call the wormer for cattle. We actually spray it on, kind of like killing weeds. That’s the “backpack” part of it Daniel is carrying. You don’t really have it on your back, but Daniel often swings the nylon straps over his shoulder to help hold the weight.

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